Retreat at the Epe Resort & Spa, Lagos State

You’ve heard it before. If not from me, but from everyone else – Lagos can be an utter madhouse! Everything and anything can make it so – it may be the hot sun coupled with uncomfortable humidity, or it may be the host of rage-stricken drivers on the overly congested roads. More often than not, people just need a break to rest and breathe. You can go home and try and chill, but if you’re not living in one of those swanky serviced apartments, you’re probably just going to go home and worry about either there not being any power, the amount of diesel you need to power your generator or the noise from the generator. In other words, finding peace in Lagos is not easy. So when you’re invited to spend a night at a resort that practically sells rest and relaxation, it might be very hard to say no.

Driving to Epe Resort was actually enjoyable. The roads were smooth and it was interesting to see both the undeveloped parts of Lagos and also to see areas of rapid development. It took between one and a half and two hours to get to Epe from central Lagos island (Ikoyi). It was actually amazing and surprising to see all the development happening in Epe (of course it made so much sense that the current Governor of Lagos state is actually from Epe).

Epe resort is peaceful. And as I got closer to my chalet, I got so excited. Excited about how peacefully I would sleep that night, with zero disturbance. I was genuinely impressed with the place. It took a lot of energy from me to not run and start jumping on my bed.


Outside my chalet


My Room (Luxury Garden Suite)


After taking an unhealthy amount of pictures in the place, and getting some sleep, I finally decided to leave my room. First of all, I went straight to the swimming pool for a night swim, and then I went to the restaurant for a quick bite.


Hadn’t had a night time swim in a very long time!

The next morning, after the delicious breakfast buffet, I took a walk round the place and decided to go bike riding for a bit just before checkout.

There was no way I was missing the complimentary breakfast buffet – definitely worth waking up for!


The resort had a collection of bicycles which I obviously had to ride before I left

The resort is ideal for a couples’, friends’ or family’s getaway/retreat. The ambience is just right for that. There is a lawn tennis court, table tennis board, barbecue and outdoor hangout place, and of course, a space for playing football. The only thing missing is the spa/wellness centre…. which is actually under construction.



Overall, I would definitely recommend Epe resort. The rooms are comfortable and well maintained (I inspected two other rooms), the ambience is good, the food was clutch (major shout out to Chef Ade), and the staff were very polite and helpful. And the service is good. For Nigerian standards, I would even go as far as saying very good because the place has been in operation since 2013 and doesn’t suffer from the Nigerian Factor (i.e. when the concept or idea of a place is great in principle, but is either poorly executed, poorly maintained or has zero customer service). Really and truly, the only thing that gave me slight stress was that the air conditioning in my room was a bit too cold.


Adeyinka, the great receptionist and my guide throughout my stay.


After my mum called me frantically at 9pm asking if the resort had security, I knew I had to take pictures with some of the able bodied security men !


My Epe-Resort-Happy-Face!


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