The southern most tip of Africa – Cape Agulhas!

We are in South Africa, the most southern country in Africa. It only made sense that we drive down to the southern most tip of the whole continent right? The idea of going to that one place in SA where, if we had an old style compass, the only direction the needle would point would be north sounded pretty cool to us. Well, that’s exactly what we did!

We rented a car from Cape Town and made our way down. The three-hour drive didn’t seem so bad since we just rotated the steering wheel and driver’s seat between ourselves. Add in the fact that we were driving on very good roads and the views along the way were absolutely scenic… 3 hours felt like nothing!

When we arrived in Cape Agulhas, we decided to go first to the lighthouse (which is one of the few lighthouses in South Africa currently in operation) to get a good view of the town, before making our way to the southern most tip. We had been advised that a visit to the lighthouse was a “must-do” as it is one of the few lighthouses in SA currently in operation, and the only lighthouse in SA to have a fully functioning lighthouse museum. We climbed up some ladders (seventy-one steps in total), and soon got to the top.




We were having a good time at the top of the lighthouse, appreciating the views and the sounds of the water, but we didn’t lose focus. We didn’t forget why we came to L’Agulhas… we had to make our way down to the actual southern most tip! And so we began walking… and snapping!


There are little facts you learn as you walk down to the tip. You learn that this is where the Indian and the Atlantic oceans meet, and so you’re no longer surprised that the atmosphere is quite salty. You observe how active the waters are and so you are not surprised to find out that there had been many shipwrecks here… so much so that some of the neighbouring towns like Aniston were named after wrecked ships. However, when you learn that there are some people take this very peaceful and calming walk down to the southernmost tip everyday, sometimes twice a day to catch the sunrise and sunset, the shock on the face of three young ladies from different cities is almost too tangible!

And then we got to the southern most tip of the continent! Lool… we kind of lost all manner of self control and just kept taking pictures! Different poses and different angles. But at least we weren’t as bad as the couple who had at least five different kinds of cameras with them,… complete with tripod and all.





NexTours would advise that you please just be wise like Ellie and not wear a flowy dress or skirt! It is not an appropriate choice of clothing for climbing the ladders in the lighthouse, nor is it appropriate for the windy walk down to the southern most tip.



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