NXTours visit to Badagry in pictures

The month of February is usually celebrated as many things. For some, it’s a month of love and so Valentine’s Day is worthy of celebration. In countries like the United States, it’s the Black History Month when people are appreciative of the African American contribution to American history. NXTours knew we wanted to go on a themed trip, but since we knew Lagos city puts on a big show when it wants to be romantic (seriously… even the road traffic puts on a big show), we decided to learn a bit about Lagos itself. And so we took our NXTourists to one of the historical hot points in Lagos – Badagry.

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Retreat at the Epe Resort & Spa, Lagos State

You’ve heard it before. If not from me, but from everyone else – Lagos can be an utter madhouse! Everything and anything can make it so – it may be the hot sun coupled with uncomfortable humidity, or it may be the host of rage-stricken drivers on the overly congested roads. More often than not, people just need a break to rest and breathe. You can go home and try and chill, but if you’re not living in one of those swanky serviced apartments, you’re probably just going to go home and worry about either there not being any power, the amount of diesel you need to power your generator or the noise from the generator. In other words, finding peace in Lagos is not easy. So when you’re invited to spend a night at a resort that practically sells rest and relaxation, it might be very hard to say no.

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NXTours visits Olumo Rock, Ogun State

It’s the New Year and so we decided that for our first NXTour this year, we would go to Olumo Rock. It’s one of those places where, if you studied in Nigeria, you’ve seen it listed in textbooks as “a major tourist destination in Nigeria”. It is indeed one of the popular tourist destinations in the country, with an interesting history and a good view of the city of Abeokuta.

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The Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos State

Anyone who lives in Lagos can attest to how chaotic it can be. You don’t even need to have lived here to be able to attest to its chaotic nature. If you’ve merely visited, even for a day or some hours laying over in the airport, you may have quickly deduced that Lagos city can be a madhouse. But one thing about Lagos is that it is possible to find little pocket locations of sanctuary-like peace and calm, away from the hustle and bustle of it all.

And so on this hot (read as blazing hot) public holiday Monday, NXTours and our NXTourists visited the Lekki Conservation Centre.

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Gurara Waterfalls, Niger State – A NXTours experience

For someone like me whose favourite past time activity is being a tourist, being in Nigeria has not been the easiest. The tourism industry in Nigeria is majorly under-developed, and is literally crying for some attention. And so, NexTours decided to create an entire tourist experience. All NXTours had to do was find a Nigerian tourist attraction, find a group of people who weren’t too scared of having such an experience in Nigeria, and find a safe mode of transportation – this is how the NXTours Gurara Waterfalls experience came to be.

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Robben Island,… and all its infamousness

I remember being a child and listening to my parents talk of their visit to South Africa. This was way before I got in touch with my historical and political side. I kept wondering why they went on and on about the fact that they went to this place called Robben Island and what was so important about seeing the prison cell of some man called Nelson Mandela. They would tell me (in a very animated and emotional way) what they saw on this former prison island and I would just look at them… puzzled, trying to understand what the fuss was all about.

Fast forward a decade plus later, I took myself to Robben Island. And I learnt what all that fuss was about.

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Cape Town on Foot (II) – District Six Museum and a little bit of history

If you know me, you’ll know I love museums…very much. There’s so much to see and learn and listen to… it’s like knowledge paradise! South Africa is a very complex country… it’s history at least. And the best way to understand the history of this beautiful country is to visit a couple of museums. In Cape Town, one of the prominent museums is the District Six Museum. It’s not the typical huge and daunting museum… this church turned into a museum generally tells one aspect of the ugly story that was apartheid in Cape Town. With the apartheid regime came a whole load of racism and discrimination, came the erroneous belief that the white/caucasian skin and its features is superior to every other skin tone or colour.

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Cape Town on foot (I)

If you are visiting Cape Town (as any other city), it is advisable to stay in the city centre. Once you’re in the city centre, it’s easy to walk around the city and see most of the significant sites. It’s cheaper than a red bus tour, and much more calories will be burnt!

On our first day in Cape Town, Ellie and I put on some comfortable shoes, took out our sun shades, and got ready to walk around at a leisurely pace for some hours. We had marked up our tour books and had a clear idea of the places we wanted to see,… so we got right to it!
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No more wine…please!!!!!!! – The Cape Wine Route

Living in London for some years, I always thought wine tasting was a thing for posh people. And I never considered myself posh, so I never thought of doing it. But I’m in South Africa, and South Africa is one of the top global producers of wine (about the 7th biggest global producer), so this trip was the perfect opportunity!
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The southern most tip of Africa – Cape Agulhas!

We are in South Africa, the most southern country in Africa. It only made sense that we drive down to the southern most tip of the whole continent right? The idea of going to that one place in SA where, if we had an old style compass, the only direction the needle would point would be north sounded pretty cool to us. Well, that’s exactly what we did!
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